How To Use Pinterest As A Complete Beginner

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By now you will have learned about Pinterest (unless you are living in the dark ages). But you probably think of Pinterest as somewhere to save recipes and fashion ideas and haven’t truly explored the amazing possibilities it can bring to your business.


But how do I use Pinterest if I am a complete beginner?

Consider Pinterest like Google but with images. Think of Pinterest as a search engine, rather than a social media platform. It’s a great place to find ideas that you like and save for later. Personally, I like to use Pinterest as a diary or catalogue of ideas and refer to whenever I want. The advantage to this is that any pins I save others will see and (potentially) save when they visit my Pinterest page.

Register Your Account

Go to and sign up. It’s that easy! Your account may revert to your country of location (e.g. if you are in Australia). It’s nothing to worry about; people will still find you.

If you are a Business or Brand, then you need to sign up for a Business Account. If you already have a personal Pinterest account, you can convert it to a Business Account at the same location.

Verify Your Website

By verifying your website, your pins will display your full website URL and branding. Your branding and website URL allows other Pinners learn more about you and your business. You will also get access to web analytics. Why do you need access to analytics? Analytics help you to see what people are saving from your website.

Create Your Profile

Once you have opened your account, you then need to create your profile. And now the fun begins 🙂 You need to write something about yourself in your profile so that when people find you, they will learn what it is you do and offer. Your profile is essentially your introduction which will encourage people to follow you. Don’t leave your profile blank.

Edit Your Profile Picture

Add a professional headshot to your profile. A headshot gives your account more personality than an image of your logo. Accounts with headshot appear to get more engagement. If you haven’t had professional pics taken, choose an appropriate personal pic.

Create Your Boards

You can create any number of boards, but don’t go overboard to start. Create boards that relate to your profile and start adding your pins. Remember to edit the board description for the same reasons you added your bio to your profile.

Name Your Boards

If you want your boards to remain private, you can call them whatever you want, but you should name them something that is associated with your business. They will then be easy to find by others searching for similar boards. Your boards are like folders. Be sure to add content relevant to the board name and description.

Add Your Pins

Ideally, you want to have at least 20 pins on each board to start. Boards with 100 pins or more are most successful. Adding Pins is easy. You can add them directly from a website, providing they show a Pin-It Button, or you can save from within Pinterest itself. Just hover over the image til you see the Red Save button and click it. You will be given the option as to which board to save the pin to.

Be Consistent

Being consistent on Pinterest is the key. Don’t pin a bunch on one day then forget about your account for weeks. Continue pinning daily. If you find this too tedious, using a scheduler like Tailwind will help you, or you can hire a Pinterest Manager – like me, to do all the hard work.

Want to learn more? Take a look at my packages here.

Sign Up To Tailwind

Tailwind is a fantastic tool for scheduling your pins. Tailwind offers a schedule that is appropriate for your time zone and niche.

Sign up for your free month of Tailwind here.

Join Group Boards

Group boards are an excellent way to gain exposure. Pinning your content to group boards means that your pins will be seen by more people, and potentially repinned as well. Be sure to follow the rules of each group board to avoid being kicked out.

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How To Use Pinterest When You Are A Complete Beginner
How To Use Pinterest When You Are A Complete Beginner
How To Use Pinterest When You Are A Complete Beginner
How To Use Pinterest When You Are A Complete Beginner
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  1. Brigid Mold
    Brigid Mold says:

    I have pinned things I would like to do but I don’t know how to view them once I have shut the computer down and then later turn computer on and wish to see what is there. Where do I have to go?


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