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There have been recent reports that Instagram users have noticed their accounts changing from 3 x 3 grid layouts to 4 x 4 grid layouts. But there’s been no confirmation from Instagram yet as to whether this will become a permanent thing. So – the new Instagram 4 grid layout, what do you think?

Many users aren’t happy about this, especially if they have spent a considerable amount of time and effort building their pages to reflect their creativeness.

What is The Grid?

It’s the overall appearance or look of your Instagram profile. The complete 3 x 3 grid is what each image looks like when presented side by side. They fit together kind of like a jigsaw puzzle.

Instagram users often ask themselves: “Will these three images look good next to one another?” Those dedicated to “the Grid” often don’t post on a whim, they prefer to wait to compile artistically pleasing images in groups.

For the average user, the potential change may not seem all that important. But, for influencers, artists and other people who plan their posts around the style of the 3 x 3 grid, this potential update could ruin their carefully designed profiles. The New Instagram 4 Grid Layout will take a bit of work to redesign.

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Other Types Of Grids

  • White Line
  • Vertical Line 
  • Horizontal Line
  • Chequer Board 
  • Across The Grid 

But, Soon All Of Your Careful Planning Is Likely To Be Disrupted

In the past few weeks, Instagram changed the number of tiles across some of our feeds from three to four. This only occurred on a few users accounts and it appeared only temporary. This completely messed with the carefully created bigger picture that many dedicated users have spent so much time creating.

Why The Change?

It could have something to do with smartphone screen sizes. It could also be a way in which to reveal more pictures with less scrolling. Considering how much time we all spend on social media these days, these both seem very logical answers.


Change Is Hard

Those who once had clever mosaics will now be seen as a chaotic mess of images.  But keep in mind that there are numerous apps out there to help you plan your grid. These include Instagrids, Later and Plann.

Has your account already switched to the new grid?

Has your perfect grid been rearranged?

I’d love to hear of your experience.

4 replies
  1. Kenny Wong
    Kenny Wong says:

    Great work on the article.

    I love the new Instagram’s layout, Dee.
    It will take some time to get use to it though… At first I didn’t really like it but I love it now as it allows me to have a more engaging posts. People seems to be commenting on my picture more often now lol.


    • Dee
      Dee says:

      So, do you already have the 4 x 4 grid layout Kenny? I wonder how long till it’s rolled out to everyone. I’m glad you are getting more engagement, that’s awesome 🙂

  2. George Spanish
    George Spanish says:

    I personally really like the new layout, but like you have said, a bit of a change! I do enjoying adding large grid pictures to my instagram to increase engagement!

    Keep up the good work!

    P.s your white bar at the top that moves down when you scroll takes up nearly 50% of the screen! Maybe look at reducing that!


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