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By Guest Writer: Josh Wardini

When it comes to interacting with customers or potential customers of your brand through social media pages and profiles, it’s important to understand the importance of customer care. Though customers can interact directly with a brand through social media, the more personalized feeling of marketing through social media can have brands failing to meet the personal customer care relationships that these customers have come to expect from these personalized platforms.

Regardless, social media is an integral part of our modern society and is becoming the go-to place for companies to interact with their customers. Here are 5 things every marketer needs to know about social media customer care provided by

Customers Prefer Social Media

Customers prefer social media to any other channel of customer care. Approximately 34.5% prefer social media, another 24.7% prefer website/live chat compared to 19.4% preferring email, and only 16.1% preferring conventional phone or toll-free numbers. Furthermore, 90% of social media users have used social media to communicate with brands and 63% of consumers expect a company to offer customer care through social media. In terms of success rates, 70% of people are likely to use a brand that reached out through social media.

Branding Potential

Answering a social media complaint increases customer advocacy by up to 25%, and people are 30% more likely to recommend a brand when they get a response through social media channels. Also, a consumer is 71% likely to recommend a brand once they’ve had a positive social media customer care experience and 65% of consumers have more brand loyalty if brands reach out on social media.

Top Platforms

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are the top social media channels for interacting with consumers. Facebook pages of brands receive 39 messages per 1000 fans on Facebook per month on average. The relative response rate on Facebook is 59.4% and Nike, Sony, and AirAsia, who are the three most famous brands on the platform, use it.

Twitter leads the way in customer service requests, with 80% of social media requests coming from the platform. Xbox, Amazon, and Tesco are Twitter’s most famous brands, and Xbox has the Guinness record for average response time to a query, at 2mins 43sec.

Instagram content is liked 58 times more on average than Facebook content and 120 times more than Twitter. Top brands on Instagram receive an average of 216 comments per post on the platform. Vega, Starbucks, and Sephora are Instagram most famous alumni.

Boosts Revenue and ROI

Good social customer care pushes customers to spend 20-40% more, and customers with the best social customer care experiences have a 92% customer retention rate. Best-in-class customer care causes 81% greater annual revenue increase and increases annual ROI by 30.7%

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Cost Effectiveness

It costs on average $1 to solve a customer issue on social media, compared to $6 by conventional call center channels. SMCC agents are, on average, 167% more efficient than voice agents, and SMCC is almost 63% cheaper than phone support.

When it comes to customer care on social media the benefits are clear and the numbers speak for themselves. Customers prefer it, the branding potential is higher and the top platforms make it easier to retain customers. Furthermore, it is more cost-effective and boosts revenue and ROI, compared to conventional telephone customer care. SMCC is a tool your brand can’t ignore and a good SMCC policy will be a defining factor in the success of your brand.

Guest Writer: Josh Wardini

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