When writing a new Blog Post for your readers the first thing you should think about is “what’s in it for them”? What are your readers going to get out of the blog post? Give your readers a reason to want to come back to your blog again and again.

Think of yourself as a consumer. When you’re scrolling through Pinterest, you are doing it for selfish reasons. If you don’t see anything that inspires you or catches your eye, you will continue to scroll.

If you don’t provide anything of value in your posts, people aren’t going to read it.

Ensure your post has a great and catchy title. Make sure this title will grab someone’s attention. Consider your title as a promise to your reader. What can they gain from reading your post? What will their end result be? What keywords should you use? These are the things to consider when turning a casual reader into a loyal reader.

Be sure to go in-depth and write long-form content (at least  800-1200 words).

Your Blog Title

Your Blog Title is super important. It needs to convey what your post is about and also needs to contain keywords that people will be using Google to search for.

I highly recommend Headline Analyser from CoSchedule to research whether your Blog Title is a good one.