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If you have experience with Illustrator then go ahead and create your pins there. Ensure you save your template to use again and again.

Other free sites to create your Pins include Canva and Picmonkey .

Personally, I love Canva and use it for my own images and also for those of my clients. Canva is free to use, there are numerous free images you can also download and use. There is a paid version (and yes, I am subscribed to the paid version) and it’s wonderful for resizing graphics. If you have created a graphic for one platform, the paid version gives you the option to resize this graphic suitable for other platforms. Quick and easy. I highly recommend the paid version if you plan to use your graphics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Canva gives you the opportunity to create images of all sizes.



When creating your first design you will be given the option to choose your sizing or choose from popular design types.



Just click on any of the icons of your choice or the “More” Button.

Or “Use Custom Dimensions” to create a design of a size you prefer.