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So, what sort of Pins are going to be repinned and drive traffic?

Create long, vertical Pins

Pinterest recommends Pins that are 2:3 in ratio. What does this mean? 600 px wide by 900 px long is the current recommended size for Pinterest. Anything longer than 1260 px will get cut off so don’t waste your time creating super long Pins.

Write A Catchy Headline

Ensure that your Pin is easy to understand. Writing a catchy headline (overlaid on your Pin) is ideal.

Stay On-Brand

Keep your Pins to your branding. Why? So that they will be recognised by your followers and fans.

Use Beautiful Images

Beautiful images are a MUST. Pinterest is a visual search engine, so ensure that your images are visually appealing. This helps with having your Pins repinned and shared as well.

Include Your Logo/Website

Always add your logo or website somewhere on your Pin. There have been numerous instances of people redirecting Pins that don’t belong to them. Having your logo/website clearly featured where it won’t be missed will help deter the thieves.