The Perfect Pin Description - DeeDee Creative

Adding a description to your Pin is super important. 

Because Pinterest is a search engine, it will take into account all the keywords featured in your description/caption. This content is what Pinterest uses to assess what the Pin is about. It also helps you to gain traffic according to that particular topic. 

So, ensure you do your homework and research relevant keywords. Add them within the description/caption using regular, conversational language that people can read and understand. Pinterest takes this into account when analysing your Pin and deciding whether or not it’s worth showing in the feed.

Adding an accurate description is important so that your Pin will be found when someone is searching for your type of content. Use relevant keywords to maximise your chances of your Pin being seen by others.

Don’t forget to add 4 – 5 relevant hashtags at the end of your description/caption as well.

You have up to 500 characters to use in your Pin description (including spaces) so, be super savvy about what you write. You should use your Pin description to give more context to your Pin.

Top Tips

  • Avoid adding URL’s within the description
  • Ensure you write an accurate description of the Pin