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It’s important to edit your boards so that they are easily found in the search bar. Many popular Pinterest profiles have at least 15 – 20 well organised and well branded Pinterest Boards.

Naming Your Board

Use relevant keywords in your board description. This will help improve your ranking when Pinners are searching for specific content or related topics. Note my keywords in my board descriptions below:

  • Pinterest
  • VA Services
  • Social Media
  • Entrepreneur
  • Blogging



See how this works when doing a search for Blogging Hints?

Note how my board appears in the top row in the search? This is Pinterest GOLD!


Editing Your Board Description

Keywords are very important on your board descriptions if you want to be found. Don’t leave you board description empty or your board won’t be found in the search.You can list your keywords here as bullet points or incorporate them into entire sentences. Both work just as effectively. What you are basically doing is listing the highlights for your Pinterest followers.

Adding Content

Content can be found within Pinterest by using the search bar.



You will see a number of options are provided to you. The first few are common search keywords, below that are People and Boards.



If you just click Enter you will be provided with other relevant keywords for “Office Design”. Keep this search in mind when looking for keywords for your pins and board descriptions.

Your options include All Pins, Your Pins, People and Boards.

Content can also be found outside of Pinterest via a website and uploaded to a board via the “Pin It” button (as long as the website has the “Pin It” Button installed.

Users who have created boards and added pins offer other users the chance to Repin the content to their own boards.