The first thing you need to do is sign up for a Pinterest Account. FYI, signing up is FREE!


You will be taken to this page where you need to provide a valid email address and create a password.

I always recommend signing up with your email address rather than with Facebook or Google. I believe this gives you more control over your account. If for any reason your FB account gets shut down, you won’t be able to access your Pinterest account.

So, let’s get started with setting up your Pinterest account.

Name Your Account

Whether you are planning on using Pinterest for personal use or for your business, you need to name it properly from the beginning.

Initially, mine was named DeeDee Creative. I now have it named as DeeDeeCreative | Social Media Marketing & Strategy.

Do you see the difference? Now when people search for Social Media Marketing & Strategy, my profile shows up near the top of the search.

Choose your profile picture. Consider what you business is.

  • Is it a brand? Then use your logo.
  • Are you front and centre of your business?  Then your pic should be of you, rather than your logo.

Why? People like to connect with real people, not with logos or brands. It makes your account more approachable.

Ensure that your profile picture is the same as your other social media channels so that there is no confusion as to who you are and what you do. Your photo should be a close-up, friendly pic of your face. It doesn’t have to be a professional pic, just don’t use a selfie.

Keep in mind that you only have a small space to place your profile picture. So, ensure that it is cropped well and is clear.

Go to Settings > Profile > Picture > Change Picture 

Remember to Save Settings


Your username is the link to your Pinterest Profile (your Pinterest URL). 

This is mine:

Your username should reflect your brand where possible. It makes you easily searchable.

You can use between 3 and 15 characters

To edit your username go to:

Settings >Username

Remember to Save Settings