Claim Your Other Social Media Platforms - DeeDee Creative

Now you can claim your Instagram, Youtube, or Etsy on Pinterest.

That is beyond amazing for so many reasons:

  • You’ll get stats about each Pin
  • People can click through to these accounts to see and save more of your content
  • When someone creates a Pin from one of your claimed accounts, the Pin will be attributed to you and your profile picture will show on all the Pins saved from these accounts.
  • That is a great feature to attract an audience to your social accounts even if you don’t have a website.
  • You can overcome the short lifespan of Instagram posts with this feature cause once they are pinned to your Pinterest account, they will have a much longer life.

How to claim other accounts on Pinterest?

  • Click at the top of Pinterest to open your menu
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down to the “Claim other accounts” section
  • Click Claim next to the accounts you want to link
  • Confirm that you want to link accounts in the authorization window that pops up
  • Ensure that you are signed into all relevant accounts before trying to claim                                

PS. you must have a business account on Pinterest and Instagram to enable this feature