Scheduled or Manual Pinning? - DeeDee Creative

Researching and scheduling your Pins takes the guesswork out and gives you time to breathe. Pinterest only works well when your Pins are being seen by your ideal audience, so using a scheduler to send your Pins out at the optimal time will save a lot of hard work and heartache.

A good scheduler will know when your ideal audience is on Pinterest. Your content will go out into the Pinterest world and will have a better chance of being seen by your ideal audience. 

Manually Pinning is fine, but Pinterest does frown upon Pinning madly in a short time. It’s considered spamming in the eyes of Pinterest and you risk having your account shut down. So, this is another good reason to use a scheduler.

Be very careful when using schedulers for Pinterest, as many of them aren’t approved. By using a scheduler that is not approved, you risk having your account shut down.

Schedulers that are currently approved include:

Check approved schedulers via Pinterest Approved Partners.

I love Tailwind as a scheduler. I’ve been using it for 3 + years now and find that it takes the stress and hassle out of Pinning. Pinterest doesn’t like you to pin a lot of pins at once, they might see you as a spammer. This is why a scheduler is the best way to go.

Tailwind will create a schedule that suits your followers, meaning that time slots will be created according to when your followers are online the most.

Tailwind offers a FREE Trial where you can schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest. The free trial is an excellent way to find out whether Tailwind is for you. There is no time limit for the free trial and no payment details are required upon sign up.

What do you have to lose?