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So, your question right now is probably “What is Pinterest and how can I use it to promote my business?”

The number one thing to keep in mind is that Pinterest is NOT a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine!

And there are more than 300 million monthly active users on Pinterest.

What does this really mean? You need to start thinking of Pinterest as being more like Google. You can search for info but in addition, you can save this info for later reference.

When you conduct your search within Pinterest, instead of seeing a whole page full of text and links to pages or websites, like you would when doing a Google search, you will instead see images (commonly known as Pins) that when clicked will give you either more info on that pin or take you directly to a website, blog or page within a website.

So, remember that Pins are visual markers that link back to a webpage.

When you find a Pin in the category you are searching for, you can save this Pin to a Board within your own Pinterest account. Think of a Board like a folder for your favorite Pins. You can refer back to them later. And if your Board is public, anyone else on Pinterest can go into your Board and share a Pin back to their own board.

The great thing about Pinterest is that it’s a lot easier to understand in relation to SEO than Google (at least it is in my opinion).

Pinterest is a huge driver of website traffic across most industries.

The most popular categories include:

  • Home Decor
  • DIY and Crafts
  • Entertainment
  • Education

Keep in mind, these categories do change regularly.

Some Larger brands using Pinterest include:

  • Toyota
  • Disney
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Carnival Cruise Line

Expected popular topics for 2021 include:

  • Conscious Consumption
  • Responsible travel
  • Pampered Pets
I’m personally getting 80% of visitors to my website from Pinterest alone! This is consistent pretty much each and every month.

Something to keep in mind, those who use Pinterest are looking to BUY! 

Most Pinterest users are window shopping initially but will save Pins that appeal to them When they are ready to make a purchase they will take another look at these Pins. So, if you are looking to sell a product or service, then Pinterest is the place to be.

Pinterest also represents a huge opportunity to get ahead of your competition

Why? Because so many online businesses are either using Pinterest incorrectly or not using Pinterest at all.

And an added bonus:

Pinterest is 100% FREE to sign up to and use! 

The only time you will have to pay for Pinterest is if you choose to run Promoted Pins (Ads).