Is your old office chair causing you pain? It’s time for an upgrade. If you’re anything like me, then you are probably sitting at your computer for many hours of the day. If so, then it’s important to have a comfy, supportive chair, right?

What sort of chair are you sitting on?

For a long time, I had an office chair that collapsed every time I sat in it. The hydraulics were a joke! I would sit down, adjust to a comfortable height and begin my work. At some point when I was hard at work, my chair would spontaneously collapse!

This was annoying and sometimes embarrassing. This would happen in the middle of zoom calls, Facebook lives, or other recordings. One minute I’m perched at the perfect height in front of my camera, then the next minute, I’m halfway to the floor.

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Then to top it off, my old chair was not providing me with decent support or comfort, meaning after just a few minutes, my back was killing me!

Typically, I didn’t want to spend much money on a chair, I didn’t think it was a good investment.

Until my partner bought a Secretlab chair.

The best office chairs

*Image courtesy of Secretlab Chairs

My partner is an avid gamer and he would sit in front of his computer for HOURS! One day he decided to buy a new office chair – the Secretlab Titan.

He fell in love, and I did too! Whenever he was out, I would “borrow” his chair. And I found myself having serious chair envy.

Eventually, I decided to buy a Secretlab chair for myself, and it has been one of the BEST investments in my business. 

My Secretlab Titan chair is so comfortable. The excellent adjustable lumbar support has eliminated any back pain I was getting from my old chair.

Secretlab Chairs have been reviewed so many times and have received numerous awards and 5 star ratings. They really are the best chairs on the market for gamers and anyone who works from home or spends a lot of time at their desk.

My Secretlab chair came with Secretlab Signature Memory Foam Head Pillow which is filled with premium memory foam. The Head Pillow also comes with a coating of cooling gel which is so nice to use.

The best office chairs

*Image courtesy of Secretlab Chairs

What else do I love about my Secretlab Titan?

  • My seated posture has improved, the adjustable lumbar support is so easy to use.
  • The adjustable armrests. With multiple heights and angles available you can personalise your arm support.
  • So many colours available, choose one in your branding colours if you want.
  • Adjustable to full length backrest recline – perfect for binging Netflix.
  • High quality, luxurious PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather upholstery. You can also choose from Softweave Fabric or NAPA Leather.
  • In-depth assembly instructions.
  • Up to 5-Year Extended Secretlab Warranty
  • Up to 49-day refund/return policy
The best office chairs

*Image courtesy of Secretlab Chairs

So, do yourself a favour and invest in one of these beauties. You won’t regret it, I promise!

One thing to note – if you do purchase one of these awesome chairs, make sure you have someone to carry the box inside for you. It’s pretty damn heavy!