Whenever you do a search on Pinterest for content, Pinterest will remember this and will start showing you suggestions around that topic.

My home feed is generally all about social media management, business marketing or business branding. But I recently did a search on Essential oils recipes.

Soon after conducting this search, Pins related to essential oils started popping up in my home feed. Pinterest will remember this as one of my most recent searches and will start suggesting pins on essential oils.

But what if I’m no longer interested in this particular topic. How do I remove these pins?

At the bottom right corner below each Pin, you will see 3 dots.

Simply click on these dots and you will be given the following options:

  • Hide Pin
  • Download Pin
  • Report Pin

If it’s a Pin from an account you already follow you will see:

  • Hide Pin
  • Unfollow (that particular account)
  • Download Image
  • Report Pin

Simply click on Hide Pin. You will then be given some more options where you can provide feedback. The options you will be provided with are:

  • Not relevant to me
  • Not in a language I understand
  • Seen this Pin too many times
  • Blurry or pixelated image
  • Other

I generally use “not relevant to me”. Once you refresh your home feed you will see fewer pins related to that topic.

Now you too can remove pins to tune your home feed to suit your wants and needs.

Want to learn more? Take a look at my short video tutorial to show you how.

Comment below, will you be using this feature on your Pinterest account?

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