Reduce Digital Clutter For A Fresh New Year

Curtail the chaos and begin 2023 with a fresh slate

If a fresh start to the new year means having a bit of a clean-up, then reducing your digital clutter is the perfect place to start. Maybe you’re a little scared of change, but that’s ok, I have ways that will help get you through this difficult time.

What Is Digital Clutter?

Imagine all the stuff you’ve been saving the past year, and I know you’ve been hoarding stuff! I see you. You’re not fooling anyone.

Are you that person who has been hiding your digital clutter in folders with random names, hoarding quotes and pictures, and saving screenshots and love letters? I see you.

And if you’re an introvert like me, any clutter including digital clutter can become so overwhelming that it can take over your life and make everything difficult moving forward.

Saving for a rainy day might be the perfect excuse, but have you actually looked at any of your digital clutter on a rainy day? I’m betting my muddled mojito you haven’t 🍹

So, hold onto your tin foil hats and strap yourself in, it’s gonna get bumpy in here!

Folders and files on your desktop

How many files or folders do you have scattered around your desktop? Now, thinking about those files and folders, have you opened any of them recently?

Did you know that having too much digital clutter on your desktop can slow down your computer? It’s time to generously cull some stuff.

But, if deleting these folders and files gives you hives, there’s another way.

The Solution?

Create a Dropbox account or use Google Drive, and move all of that digital clutter into a folder there. I have one called “2022 Archives”. If I need to go search for something that I feel is “vitally” important, I know it’s safe and sound in my Dropbox file.

Want to try Dropbox for FREE? Then follow my Dropbox affiliate link and receive free 500 MB.

Don’t forget to then delete the files from your computer for a true spring clean. And of course, be sure to empty your smelly trash 🗑️

Multiple tabs open on your computer

How many tabs do you currently have open on your computer or laptop? Be honest. Is it 5 or 6? Maybe it’s 10 or so. Perhaps even 20 or more.

All of these tabs are a distraction and are still a form of digital clutter. This can also slow down your computer, drain the battery on your laptop and mess with your beautiful, productive brain 🧠

The Solution?

Shut down any unnecessary tabs. Pure and simple.

Not so simple? Download a tab manager tool. One Tab is a great tool and is available in the Chrome web store. It will help you to save up to 95% memory.

Screenshots Galore!

Ooh, screenshots! I love them so much.

That quote is so inspirational – screenshot!

Ooh, that’s a great idea for a webpage – screenshot!

Aww, cute puppy dressed like a ballerina – screenshot! 🐶💃

Why am I addicted to screenshots? Honestly, I have no idea. I mean, I rarely refer back to any of them. I guess I have inherited the hoarding gene from my family.

The Solution?

Create a folder for all your screenshots, and move them into it. Has it been a while since you opened that folder? Yeah? Then you *defo should delete it!

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Multiple versions of the same photo

Have you been guilty of recreating the same photo over and over on your iPhone? I am truly guilty of this.

Every time I see a lovely sunset or sunrise, I need to reproduce that same photo with a lifeguard tower in the foreground. I have hundreds of them! And I’m not even kidding.

The Solution?

There are apps you can download that will help you to remove duplicate pics from your phone. I love and use Gemini ♊ and have found it so easy using this app to remove all of my duplicates. Digital clutter – GONE!

Which brings me to…

Apps on your phone

How many apps do you have downloaded to your phone? How many do you actually use? I’m sure you don’t use them all. While some apps can be helpful, most are nothing but a distraction that make your day even more stressful 😩

Take a serious look at any apps that are taking you away from important things in your life – games are the biggest distraction out there.

Once you’ve identified those disturbances, delete them and move on. If you’re not sure, delete them and try to go without them for a week. If after one week you found that you couldn’t survive without chucking a tantrum like a two-year-old in the supermarket aisle, then you can reload them.

The Solution?

Delete those apps you no longer use. Added benefits include freeing up space on your phone and claiming back your valuable time ⏰

Uninstall software you don’t need

You’ve probably got a bunch of programs on your computer you don’t use or don’t need. Maybe you’ve tried a couple of different types of programs and have settled on your favourite. But what about the ones you no longer use? They are taking up important space on your computer, so it’s time to discard them.

The Solution?

Consider which programs you might have duplicates of and uninstall the ones you no longer need. Again, you will be freeing up much-needed space on your computer, making your life so much easier.

Photo by erica steeves on Unsplash


Emails you’ve been saving but have never read are simply draining your mojo. Delete them and feel the freedom of a pigeon flying off into the sunset with a *hot chippie in its mouth.

If they are important to you, then create a folder, especially for these “important” messages and move them over. You’re gaming for inbox zero, not inbox turmoil.

What about all those emails you’ve subscribed to but have never read? Well, I’m sorry to say, it’s time to unsubscribe and delete, delete, delete and BURN! 🔥

The Solution?

An easy way to unsubscribe from multiple emails is to download and it will do the *hard yakka for you! Best of all? It’s free!

You’ve done it! *You bewdy!


In Conclusion

You’ve taken so many huge steps today to reduce your digital clutter. Starting the new year with fresh eyes and a blank page will help you to move forward and enjoy more success and new challenges.

Not speaking my language?

I won’t apologise for being an Aussie 🇦🇺 we love our slang. So, here are some explanations for terms used above that you may not understand.

👍 Defo — Definitely, absolutely, without question, no ifs ands or buts about it!

🍟 Hot chippie — Hot fries or french fries. Usually doused in tomato sauce (ketchup) or soaked in gravy with a generous sprinkle of chicken salt. Some weirdos even eat them soaked in vinegar. It’s an acquired taste.

💪 Hard Yakka — Hard work. Hard Yakka is an Australian workwear brand. Think high-res vests, workboots and clothing. Any true *tradie, *brickie, or *sparkie worth his weight in gold will be putting in some hard yakka!

👷‍♂️ Tradie – Tradesperson. Need I say more?

🧱 Brickie – Bricklayer. Lays bricks, and helps build houses.

🔌 Sparkie – Electrician. Fixes your plugs and sockets. Might even replace a globe for you if you ask nicely (and agree to the cost).

😎 You bewdy — Fantastic, great and even awesome. Yes, you are awesome! Give yourself a pat on the back.

👋 Hooroo — Goodbye or cheerio if you prefer.