Are you hoping to convert Pinterest traffic to sales?

You’ve been working hard on your Pinterest account, you’re seeing an increase in your monthly unique viewers, you have numerous new followers and your analytics tells you that your website visits from Pinterest have increased.

That’s great! But then you’re wondering,

Why Haven’t I Seen That Increase In Sales?

Well, this is a question I often see from Pinterest account owners. And there can be a number of reasons for this.

Your Website Isn’t Optimised

What does that mean?

Maybe your website isn’t giving your prospective client what they are wanting. Once you gain a visitor it’s up to YOU to keep them there and convert them into customers. Click To Tweet

Some Things To Consider.

Does your website load quickly?

If it takes too long you will likely lose your potential client. Test your website speed for FREE with Semrush and receive a detailed report on what needs to be assessed.

Does your website offer a compelling CTA

CTA means “Call To Action”. When someone visits your website, what sort of CTA are you providing them with? Click To Tweet Is yours clear? Is it compelling?

Do you offer engaging content?

Are your images amazing?  Are you using video?  Is your content something that your ideal client wants to learn about or purchase? Are your product descriptions telling your client what they want to hear?

Do you have any kind of social proof?

Testimonials or product reviews show that people are buying your product and also that your product is awesome! If someone wants to make a purchase but there is no compelling evidence as to why they should buy from you rather than… Click To Tweet

Do you offer a live chat option?

When navigating a business’s website, you might find you need some support. How often have you been given the option to “live chat” with a customer support representative? Big companies have been offering live chat support for a few years now and have enjoyed great success when doing so.

Is your exit pop-up message compelling?

You don’t want to lose that potential customer forever, so offering them a chance to stay in touch is good business. When they are navigating to leave your website or page, offer a pop-up message to invite them to stay, whether it’s with a discount code on their next purchase, or a chance to learn about your upcoming launch by providing their email address.

In order to make your website work for you, invest in making it better.

As a Pinterest Manager and Strategist, it’s my job to drive traffic from your Pinterest to your website. And I have seen enormous success with doing this for my clients. But sadly, if they don’t follow through with my suggestions for improving certain aspects of their website, they are never going to see the sales and conversions they want.

My job is to drive traffic. Your job is to use that traffic! Click To Tweet

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How To Convert Your Pinterest Traffic To Sales-You’ve got viewers and traffic, but you’re wondering, why haven’t I seen that translate into Sales?
How To Convert Your Pinterest Traffic To Sales-You’ve got viewers and traffic, but you’re wondering, why haven’t I seen that translate into Sales?