Pinterest Firestarter - DeeDee Creative
Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Welcome & Intro
Lesson 2 Sign Up For Pinterest
Lesson 3 Sign Up For Pinterest - A Video Tutorial
Module 2 Setting Up Your Profile For Future Success
Lesson 1 What Is Pinterest?
Lesson 2 Setting Up A Business Account
Lesson 3 Setting Up Your Business Account - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 4 Verify Your Website
Lesson 5 Verify Your Website - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 6 Claim Your Other Social Media Platforms
Module 3 All About Boards
Lesson 1 What Are Boards?
Lesson 2 How Do I Create A Board?
Lesson 3 Create Your First Board - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 4 How Do I Join Group Boards?
Lesson 5 All About Board Covers - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 6 How To Upload A Board Cover - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 7 Other Board Tips
Module 4 All About Pins
Lesson 1 How Do I Add Pins?
Lesson 2 Creating Your Pins
Lesson 3 Creating Your Pins
Lesson 4 The Perfect Pin
Lesson 5 The Perfect Pin Description
Lesson 6 What Is A Rich Pin?
Lesson 7 Applying For Rich Pins - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 8 Applying For Rich Pins
Lesson 9 Purchasing Ready Made Pin Templates
Module 5 All About Keywords
Lesson 1 How To Research Keywords
Lesson 2 Keyword Search - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 3 How To Use Hashtags
Lesson 4 Hashtag Research - A Video Tutorial
Module 6 How To Gain Followers
Lesson 1 Top Tips For Gaining Followers
Lesson 2 Adding a Pinterest Follow Pop-Up To Your Website
Module 7 Creating The Perfect Pin
Lesson 1 Where To Source Awesome Pinnable Images
Lesson 2 How To Create Awesome "Stop The Scroll" Pins
Lesson 3 The Perfect Pin - A Video Tutorial
Module 8 Using Google Analytics
Lesson 1 What Is Google Analytics?
Lesson 2 How To Sign Up And Set Up Google Analytics
Lesson 3 How To Find If You Are Getting Pinterest Traffic
Lesson 4 How To Find Your Best Pins
Module 9 Claim Your Accounts
Lesson 1 Why You Should Claim Your Other Social Media Accounts
Lesson 2 Claim Your Accounts - A Video Tutorial
Module 10 All About Stolen Pins
Lesson 1 What Is A Stolen Pin?
Lesson 2 Why Do People Steal Pins?
Lesson 3 How Do I Find If A Pin Has Been Stolen?
Lesson 4 What Can I Do About Stolen Pins?
Lesson 5 How To Find And Report A Stolen Pin - A Video Tutorial
Module 11 Schedule Your Content Using Tailwind
Lesson 1 Tailwind - My Favourite Scheduler
Lesson 2 What Is A Tailwind Community?
Lesson 3 How To Join A Tailwind Community - A Video Tutorial
Module 12 Bonuses!
Lesson 1 Pinterest Terms and Definitions
Lesson 2 Join My Free Facebook Group
Lesson 3 Step It Up And Find Success On Pinterest
Lesson 4 How To Find Out If Your Pins Are Being Repinned - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 5 Helpful Links
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