Pinterest Firestarter - DeeDee Creative
Module 1Introduction
Lesson 1Welcome & Intro
Lesson 2Sign Up For Pinterest
Lesson 3Sign Up For Pinterest - A Video Tutorial
Module 2Setting Up Your Profile For Future Success
Lesson 1What Is Pinterest?
Lesson 2Setting Up A Business Account
Lesson 3Setting Up Your Business Account - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 4Verify Your Website
Lesson 5Verify Your Website - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 6Claim Your Other Social Media Platforms
Module 3All About Boards
Lesson 1What Are Boards?
Lesson 2How Do I Create A Board?
Lesson 3Create Your First Board - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 4How Do I Join Group Boards?
Lesson 5All About Board Covers - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 6How To Upload A Board Cover - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 7Other Board Tips
Module 4All About Pins
Lesson 1How Do I Add Pins?
Lesson 2Creating Your Pins
Lesson 3Creating Your Pins
Lesson 4The Perfect Pin
Lesson 5The Perfect Pin Description
Lesson 6What Is A Rich Pin?
Lesson 7Applying For Rich Pins - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 8Applying For Rich Pins
Lesson 9Purchasing Ready Made Pin Templates
Module 5All About Keywords
Lesson 1How To Research Keywords
Lesson 2Keyword Search - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 3How To Use Hashtags
Lesson 4Hashtag Research - A Video Tutorial
Module 6How To Gain Followers
Lesson 1Top Tips For Gaining Followers
Lesson 2Adding a Pinterest Follow Pop-Up To Your Website
Module 7Creating The Perfect Pin
Lesson 1Where To Source Awesome Pinnable Images
Lesson 2How To Create Awesome "Stop The Scroll" Pins
Lesson 3The Perfect Pin - A Video Tutorial
Module 8Using Google Analytics
Lesson 1What Is Google Analytics?
Lesson 2How To Sign Up And Set Up Google Analytics
Lesson 3How To Find If You Are Getting Pinterest Traffic
Lesson 4How To Find Your Best Pins
Module 9Claim Your Accounts
Lesson 1Why You Should Claim Your Other Social Media Accounts
Lesson 2Claim Your Accounts - A Video Tutorial
Module 10All About Stolen Pins
Lesson 1What Is A Stolen Pin?
Lesson 2Why Do People Steal Pins?
Lesson 3How Do I Find If A Pin Has Been Stolen?
Lesson 4What Can I Do About Stolen Pins?
Lesson 5How To Find And Report A Stolen Pin - A Video Tutorial
Module 11Schedule Your Content Using Tailwind
Lesson 1Tailwind - My Favourite Scheduler
Lesson 2What Is A Tailwind Community?
Lesson 3How To Join A Tailwind Community - A Video Tutorial
Module 12Bonuses!
Lesson 1Pinterest Terms and Definitions
Lesson 2Join My Free Facebook Group
Lesson 3Step It Up And Find Success On Pinterest
Lesson 4How To Find Out If Your Pins Are Being Repinned - A Video Tutorial
Lesson 5Helpful Links
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