If you haven’t heard of the new Clubhouse app then it’s possible that you’ve been living under a rock! With their marketing strategy of an invite-only process, it was the perfect recipe for FOMO and as a result, has become a viral hit! Let’s talk about everything you need to know to get started using Clubhouse.

What Is Clubhouse?

  • It’s a new social media app that’s for iPhone only. It’s not currently available on Android, sorry to all the Android users out there.
  • It’s a bit like an interactive podcast where you can drop in on LIVE conversations.
  • These conversations are known as Rooms and there are so many to choose from.
  • It’s an opportunity to learn from some of the top experts in the world. 
  • It’s fascinating what you can learn, who you can meet and be in a room with.
  • You could find yourself in a room with celebrities, thought leaders and you can share your own thoughts as well!
  • You can listen in or you can raise your hand to be brought up as a speaker to ask questions or share your knowledge.

Who Is Clubhouse For?

  • It’s for everyone! If you like to talk (or just listen) then Clubhouse is for you.
  • If you’re a coach, an expert, an influencer, a teacher, an entrepreneur there are massive advantages to being on the platform. 
  • Clubhouse is a great way to provide value and find new followers. You could also find leads and sales from being on Clubhouse. Get your message out to the right people at the right time.
  • Reach a Wider Audience, 
  • Grow Your Instagram Following. 
  • Connect to other Entrepreneurs.
  • Gain access to valuable conversations and pieces of info.
  • Connect to other Female Entrepreneurs (my personal goal)

How To Get On Clubhouse

  • Download the App from the Apple Store
  • Save your username/handle – you will then be added to the waitlist

Remember, Clubhouse is currently an invite-only app.

Anyone who is on your contact list who is already on Clubhouse will get a notification that you’re looking for an invite.

Once you are in Clubhouse, you will get one invite to use. It’s important to use that invite wisely. Why? If they do something wrong and get kicked out, you also risk being kicked off the platform.

How Do I Use Clubhouse?

Set Up Your Profile

  • Add a relevant description
  • Explain who you help and how

 Add a professional, high-resolution profile pic

Add a conversion link, such as:

  • Free FB Group
  • Join Mail List
  • Lead Magnet

Add any notable achievements and accomplishments

Navigating Clubhouse

  • Hallway – Main Feed – will show your rooms too
  • Rooms – Include Moderators, Speakers & Listeners
  • Current Speaker/s – With a flashing circle around their profile pic
  • All other speakers are muted
  • Ping a friend (they must already be on Clubhouse)
  • Leave Button – If you want to leave a room

Start Your Own Room

  • Anyone can start their own room.
  • You can make your room public or private
  • When you start a room, you will be a moderator – You can kick people out
  • You can also make other people moderators in case you want to leave the room.

Join Clubs

  • Clubs combine a community of people around a common cause
  • You can find Clubs at the bottom of people’s profiles.

Create A Club

You need to be already hosting a room multiple times a week.


✌️ Leave Quietly – Leave a room quietly without disrupting the conversation 

🤚 Hand Up – To be considered as a speaker in a room

Why Is Clubhouse So Great?

People can be quite anxious when on camera, but with Clubhouse, as it’s audio-only, it’s easier for people to speak without feeling overwhelmed.

It’s all about networking without the pressure and connecting with like-minded people.

Be mindful that the app can be quite addictive, so be sure to manage your time.

Learn more about Clubhouse at ClubhouseGuide.com

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