Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs

It’s that time of year and if you are anything like me you are thinking about your Christmas Gift shopping list and what to buy your friends, family, clients and entrepreneurial colleagues. Take a look at these amazing gift ideas for your entrepreneurial friends.

I hate shopping of any kind. I prefer to do all of my shopping online. If it’s clothing, it can be frustrating as I often mess up my sizing, but for anything else, I LOVE online shopping.

I am NOT a fan of crowds, so the shopping centre will NOT see me during the Christmas rush.

So, if you are interested in shopping online, take a look at my tips.

Gift Cards

I love Amazon, and my thoughts are that you simply cannot go wrong with an Amazon Gift Card. Since so many of us spend our time online, this is the perfect gift idea. From books to electronics, the recipient of an Amazon Gift Card will have so many choices.



Gift Baskets and Hampers are a fantastic gift idea. A fully loaded Hamper arriving just in time for Christmas Day will make your friend or family member incredibly happy. It’s hard enough to shop for Christmas Day but to receive a lovely hamper in time for that particular day, I know I would be eternally grateful.


Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneurial Friends

Notebooks, Journals and Diaries

We entrepreneurs will ALWAYS make use of Notebooks and Journals. I find myself scrolling online looking for the perfect notebook multiple times throughout the year. I can never have too many. One of my favourites is the Daily Greatness Journals. I find them so inspiring and there are numerous ones to choose from.

Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneurial Friends Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneurial Friends

And take a look at this lovely Gratitude Journal from Amazon.

Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneurial Friends




If your friends are online, consider what they need. Do they need Web Hosting? Or maybe they are thinking about updating their website with a New Theme? Think about what they need and what you can provide that will take away some of their online business stress.

Are you planning to get your business clients gifts this year? Why or why not?


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Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneurial Friends
12 replies
  1. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    This comes at just the right time Dee! Christmas is just around the corner (are we there already?!) and I’ve been looking for some new and different gift ideas for the friends and family. Very useful information indeed, especially the journals!

    • Dee
      Dee says:

      I know, this year has flown by for me too. Crazy, right? I agree that journals are an awesome idea for gifts, no matter what time of year. Hopefully, this will take the stress out of your Christmas shopping this year.

  2. Nate Kidd
    Nate Kidd says:

    I am a big Amazon fan as well and giving a gift card is one of those gifts I believe you can’t go wrong with.

    But, I also like a good notebook or journal and have given some away to other marketing friends of mine. They loved it and always got use from them as I do.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas.

  3. Jaden Ho
    Jaden Ho says:

    Such a great idea!! I’m being having trouble what should I get a gift for my friends and also my entrepreneurial friends. Thank you for solving my problem and it lovely gift you have.


  4. Wouter
    Wouter says:

    Hi Dee,

    I totally agree with you on the shopping. That’s certainly not one of my hobbies, especially when it’s busy and you’re all the time evading people carrying way too many bags.

    Books are actually a great idea, which I’m going to browse for right away!

    The best of your article? The hampers! I had no idea whatsoever that you could order these online! Totally getting one for my mother in law 😉


    • Dee
      Dee says:

      I agree that Books and Audios are great gift ideas. I had so many ideas for this post I had to cut it right down. Perhaps I will do a second one with more gift ideas 🙂


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