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Hey there! I’m Dee. Consider me your go-to Virtual Assistant for Creative Entrepreneurs.

I love helping innovative bloggers and social media devotees gain more control in their business. I’m always looking to create something new and different for my clients. Whether it be an excellent Blog Post or Social Media Graphic Design, I treat every project as a new adventure!

I am a highly experienced, highly skilled, confident and innovative Virtual Assistant.

My business structure enables me to work effectively and efficiently on your most important projects. I am also extremely flexible.

Why not join the DeeDee Creative Adventure today and allow me to be your tour guide?

Take a look at my Work With Me Page to get a better idea of what I can offer to help your business flourish.


Writing, editing and formatting Blog Posts can be quite the process. Online business owners understand how important it is to regularly update their blogs with high-value content that will bring in new readers and keep current readers engaged.


Social Media Support and Marketing is an effective way to promote and grow any business. But, for it to be successful, it has to be done effectively and efficiently. How many Social Media Accounts do you have? Do you use them all effectively?

Using Social Media successfully can help you to grow your brand presence, and build relationships with your audience. When you build a successful relationship, you are better able to convert your audience into buyers.


An email service is non-negotiable if you’re planning on doing any sort of bulk-emailing to your readers (you should be planning on this!). Email campaigns (using either Mailchimp or Mailerlite) are a fantastic tool for businesses looking to expand their online presence. You will reach your target audience, and increase your visitors to your website.